5 ways to enlarge your penis at home

Many representatives of the stronger sex are dissatisfied with the size of their "masculinity". In this situation, there are two ways out: either accept yourself and your body, or increase the penis to the desired size. We will tell you in detail how to do it at home in our article.

The male penis is an incredibly sensitive organ. And it's not just about the number of nerve endings. The size of the penis constantly puts the stronger sex in a state of stress, because it is believed that a good lover must have a "tool" of impressive length and diameter. This is partly true: the longer and thicker the penis, the stronger the impact on the walls of the vagina during vaginal sex and the greaterare the chances of bringing your partner to orgasm.

But what should be the optimal size in this case? And what should those who are dissatisfied with the length of their penis do? Let's look at all the ways to increase the penis in our article.

Should it be increased? What sizes are considered standard?

Let's start with the question, is it even worth it to enlarge the penis? Statistics show that 45% of the total male population believes that their penis is not long enough or they are dissatisfied with its diameter. This, of course, is not very good news.

But there is good news: 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner's dignity! So, the first thing you should do when deciding whether to really get a penis enlargement is to ask your partner if she is satisfied? Perhaps the question will disappear by itself, if, of course, you need impressive dimensions for sex, and not for showing other guys in the shower.

What penis sizes are considered conventional in the world? The average length of the penis without an erection is from 7 to 10 cm, so arm yourself with a ruler and check: maybe you belong to that "golden mean". But in an excited state, the average penis can reach from 12 to 17 cm. This length is quite enough to satisfy a girl.

It's not just length that plays a role. Thickness also often becomes an object of dissatisfaction. Statistics say that the average diameter of a non-erect penis is 10 cm, but when it is erect it increases to 12 cm.

According to scientists, the penis is considered too small, whose size in the non-erect state does not reach 4 cm. In this case, enlargement surgery - phalloplasty will help.

Another question that is worth discussing immediately: how to correctly measure the length of manhood? First of all, don't judge by the eye: often, when viewed from above, the penis looks smaller than it actually is. To get reliable numbers, you'll need to use a ruler or tape measure. The penis should be measured in a relaxed state. Place a ruler or the beginning of a measuring tape on the skin of your pubic area where it meets the base of your penis. Measure the length to the very end of the head. Repeat the process when an erection occurs. But girth can easily be measured by wrapping a tape measure around the shaft of the penis. If you don't have such a tape at hand, use a regular thread, and then measure its length with a ruler.

If, as a result, all the figures that we have listed above do not apply to you, or you want to amaze your lovers with the truly gigantic dimensions of your penis, let's get down to practice and find out how to enlarge your penis at home.

Method number 1: using special gels and ointments

Today, pharmacies and nutritional supplement websites offer many special penis enlargement creams or gels. Is it possible to increase the penis with their help? To find out, you need to understand the mechanism of action of such drugs.

Most creams and ointments contain useful natural ingredients that nourish the skin and help increase its elasticity. But special components are responsible for the increase effect itself. These are often substances that cause irritation or heating. Because of their effect on the skin of the penis, they cause blood flow that fills the cavernous bodies of the penis. Over time, the skin becomes more elastic, and normal blood flow stretches the male penis. But you shouldn't expect a supernatural effect from the fat that enlarges your penis. Maximum - you will add a few centimeters to the existing length. However, skin care and improvement of blood circulation are beneficial, which means that it is worth using this method. It is good to use external drugs immediately before sexual intercourse, because their action has a short-term effect, and when they are used, you are guaranteed a more pronounced erection.

In addition, remember that the components of such ointments and gels can be strong allergens. Read the ingredients carefully so you don't get anaphylactic shock instead of penis enlargement if you're allergic.

Method #2: apply a vacuum

A vacuum pump, when used properly, can increase the size of the penis

If you look at any sex shop, you will probably see special toys for men. In addition to their main task - to bring you to orgasm - such devices are also useful as penis enlargers. Does the pump make the penis bigger? Everything depends on the force with which the impact occurs and whether you apply it correctly. Therefore, before use, it is worth watching a few videos in order to fully master the technique of handling vacuum devices.

How does either pump work and can it be scaled up? The working principle of such a vacuum sealer is a mechanical effect on the penis. When the air is pumped out, the penis swells, swells and increases in length and diameter. Pumps can be of two types:

  • Air is more traumatic and should not be used all the time. But for a quick increase before the date, it is quite suitable.
  • The water does not allow the skin of the penis to come into contact with the air, it is in the water. The hydraulic pump is, firstly, more gentle, and secondly, it increases the size well by at least 10%.

You can use the pumps immediately before sex and as an ordinary exercise device. But you shouldn't expect a wow effect even with daily use. Visible results will appear only after 3 months of training.

Method number 3: penis training

This method goes back to antiquity. It was used to improve male potency in the Middle East. The exercise, also called jelqing, allows you to manually stretch your penis. How to properly perform such exercises?

  • Perform them in an upright or at least "semi-upright" position.
  • Use a lubricant because dry exercises can be traumatic.
  • Grasp the base of the penis in the ring of your fingers (movement OK).
  • The girth should be firm and palpable.
  • Make a forward movement from the base to the head, as if forcing the blood flow forward.
  • As soon as you reach the head, the other hand closes on the base and continues the movement.
  • Switch hands until you have completed at least 250 movements.

In addition to jelqing itself, you can use additional exercises to increase size.

It is worth devoting at least half an hour a day to such exercises. In addition, the result will be visible only after long-term training. However, just like in the gym: perseverance, persistence and faith in victory are essential.

  1. Reverse jelqing - that is, movements from the head to the base.
  2. Manual stretching - for example, jai stretch, which involves stretching the penis from the base to the head with tension for 2 seconds.
  3. Yuli - distillation of blood into the head while fixing the procedure on it for up to 10 seconds.

What are the advantages of such training? According to men who engage in such methods, they can increase the male penis up to 5 cm, but this process is not very fast. In addition, these types of self-massage improve blood supply to the penis and promote a stronger erection. Some use similar practices in combination with jerking off - with intense masturbation, enlargement is also possible, but it is better to separate pleasure and training.

Method number 4: stretching with an extender

The extender is a device based on the principle of stretching the tissue of the penis

Another sex shop device that is actively used for enlargement therapy is the extender. In other words, it is a weight on a rope that is attached to the penis in order to gradually stretch it. How to enlarge the penis with an extender? It's all about regular exercise. Proper stretching is done according to the following rules:

  • Adapt to stress. Don't use too much tension right away. Start with 200 grams and gradually increase the weight to 1100 grams. The same rule applies here as in the gym: you have to adapt to each weight.
  • Regularity is the key to success. Practice penile stretching daily for several months to see results.
  • You should wear the extender for at least 1 hour a day, but no more than 3 hours without a break. You can do several hours of long approaches, but after 60-120 minutes you need to remove it to restore blood circulation.

The advantages of extenders are that they allow you to achieve long-term results and can be used at home. In addition, this is one of those ways to enlarge the penis, which simultaneously affects the length and diameter, allowing you to straighten the shaft of the penis when it is curved. And proper stretching technique additionally helps in increasing libido.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis using an extender? Research says yes. According to the latest data based on a study from 2019, after 12 weeks of wearing the extender, the penis of volunteers who participated in the experiment increased by 1. 8-2 cm on average, and the maximum result was 3 cm.

Method no. 5: traditional medicine and its methods

Our generation is far from the first to become interested in how to enlarge the penis at home. The penis and its size were the subject of cults of many peoples. It is not surprising that there are traditional remedies that help with not too impressive size.

Here are two such folk remedies:

  • Herbal infusions, for example, wormwood infusion or thyme infusion. Both help to strengthen erection, increase potency and improve blood circulation in the penis. And this is the first step to increase the size.
  • Ginseng and horse chestnut root tinctures are used to improve venous blood. They can be used for rubbing the penis, making lotions and poultices.

It is difficult to say how effective such methods are. But they can be added to the previous 4 to enhance the effect.

Let's be honest: none of the domestic methods to increase the male penis give a quick and 100% effect. But they help increase blood circulation, gradually train the organ and make its skin more elastic. Several principles can be used in their application:

  • Be patient;
  • Be consistent and persistent;
  • Use our methods in combination: for example, apply gels and creams immediately before the meeting and exercise as a daily practice;
  • To be sure.

Remember that a big penis is not a guarantee that your sex will be amazing. Pay attention to the size of your penis and sexual techniques - and then the result will definitely be very pleasant.